A downloadable game for Windows

Cleaning a computer is easy. A button click here, wait a few hours, button click there, wait a few more.... BORING!!

Take cleaning to the next level. No more mbam, no more avast. YOU are the anti-virus. With the new VRX hardware, you can put yourself in the game and fight those nasty viruses in this endless dungeon crawler. But be warned - you are foreign to the computer too, so be careful where you shoot as you might hurt yourself. Trust me, it hurts A LOT.

Still in dev - made this for a game-jam held between my co-workers. Was quite fun! This is my first official game using GameMaker Studio so I hope you like it.

Install instructions

Simple to use. Download, install, run. :)

WASD movement - mouse to shoot. :D


vrx.zip 3 MB